Your Choices Define You

“The truth of your character is expressed through the choice of your actions.” — Dr Steve Maraboli

Nothing happens without a purpose. You define your life by the choices you make every day. Knowing your purpose empowers you to make purposeful choices.

Take a good look at that line.

Understand it.

Look at the interconnections, and now try to fit it into your very own life.

If someone sat across you and asked you, “What defines you? What has shaped you in the eyes of society, your family, friends and lovers?”

There is only one legitimate answer: It’s the actions you’ve taken which determine other people’s mindset about you.

And those actions? How do you come about those? Your choices determine your actions which therein determine your life.

You have friends right? Why do they call you their ‘friend’? Is it because you are nice to them or because you’ve always been there for them? Well, whatever the reason may be, it’s all because you took a positive action which worked out in that certain friend's favour.

The same goes for the other negative action. You hurt someone or piss them off, you’ll always be in their bad books. You’ll always be looked at the same unless you change it with positive actions.

Now imagine you’re working out in the gym. You envision yourself with that beautifully toned body. With those perfectly shredded muscles or that amazing waist. And you’re doing your reps, and there’s another set remaining.

You start telling yourself, it’s okay buddy, you can do it tomorrow. But the thing is, you can’t. Time gone is quite simply put, gone. It’s never coming back. And that leads to procrastination, which eventually shatters every dream you’ve had of having the perfect body.

You have to make that choice, you have to tell yourself, buddy, come on. It seriously is now or never. If you don’t own up now, it’ll never happen.

The day you start making the right choices, everything in your life will fall into place.

Personally, my actions have been blunt, nasty, brave, courageous, selfless written all over them and that’s the reason my friends’ circle is so small. Which is just the way I like it. I speak my mind, I take people on if I don’t like something and I can’t bear with that fact, I will speak my mind extremely freely, I defend my loved ones without a second thought, I take on risks because I love living on the edge and that’s me.

That is how I define myself.

That is how my actions define me.

And that’s how my choices define my actions which determine how my life shapes up and how happy I am with life.

So what defines you?

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