What Keeps Me Going

“We are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary or difficult. But, in order to change, to do all the things you know you want to do with your life, you have to do things that are difficult, uncertain or scary.” — Mel Robbins

Almost every single day, you’ll find me in the gym, lifting weights with a disgruntled face and producing various sound effects as each rep passes by. A layman would conclude that I’m not enjoying the task at hand a lot. Obviously. But the next day, I’m back in the gym pushing myself to heights that I cannot possibly even fathom right now.

After posting a lot about how I’ve been hitting the gym consistently daily for over a month, I’ve been asked ‘what’s your secret?’, ‘How do you stay disciplined Ankit?’ and ‘Can you help me be more disciplined?’

Every day in the gym, I come across a different set of people. From different social, financial and physical backgrounds, although everyone leads their own separate life, the gym has the power to bring these individuals together for one sole objective. i.e To better themselves.

It is really a sight to watch. People who don’t know each other at all, surrounded by one another, helping one another, all for the main purpose of becoming a better version of themselves. There have been instances where I have not felt like lifting any weights but then when I look around myself and notice how everyone is pushing themselves to the limit, it just inspires me to do it all over again.

In all honesty, I am not a fan of the gym. In other words, I despise it. The only reason I keep going back to the gym every single day is that I’m result oriented. NOTE: These results don’t show just after a day or week of workouts, it takes time. I love the results.

Witnessing a change taking place, however gradual or slow it may be, watching it happen and being personally invested in the process drives me every day. Every time I would progress with the development of my body, every time I would see a muscle group popping or whenever I felt more muscular in general pumped me up to do more. To be more. To gain more.

Back in August, when I had just commenced this rocky yet beautiful journey, I wasn’t sure as to how long it would take, how dedicated I would actually be, but I knew that if I put in the necessary hours, it will bring about a significant change in my life.

When I had started out, I absolutely hate it. And as you know, hate, is a very powerful word, even in this context. I was dedicated and disciplined for a couple of weeks (Anyone who starts hitting the gym will give you this same cliche story), then, as I wasn’t able to notice a lot or any changes for that matter, I stopped going. The gym would be visited by me very rarely. But then something happened.

I was reading about Will Smith this one fine day when I ran into this quote of his which worked a few gears in my brain.

Although on the surface, it seems like this quote applies only to reading, there is a deeper meaning behind it. Something that many people don’t bother to even consider. Whatever you are doing, (Unless it’s something revolutionary or mind-altering) or are trying to do, has in fact been done before by a countless number of people.

Be it writing a book, bodybuilding, stand up comedy, cooking, setting up a startup, getting through college, or even balancing your “hectic” schedule.

Everything has been done by millions of people before you. So what is stopping you from going and getting it done? I accepted the fact that everyone is equal and the only thing that separates people from crushing their goals and not doing so is their drive to go out and get it done, ergo, how much they want it.

Fast forward to October and I am consistently hitting the gym daily. No excuses whatsoever. It was like something had possessed me. The only four things I had wanted to do was to the gym and play football daily without fail, eat healthily and write.

I increased the intensity of my workouts and soon enough, after a few months of on & off gymming, I started to see significant changes in my body and muscle composition. The same growth assisted me in bettering my football game as well. I was more disciplined than I have ever been and the most motivated too.

I felt like I was on a high, I wanted more. Looking at how drastically things can change in a couple of months spurred me on to be even better. I am now at a stage where I want to push myself until I reach a stage where my body is not in a state to move around due to exhaustion. Frankly, anyone can do it.

Working on your body, although painful is something that I would encourage every individual to do. With every passing rep and set, even if I’m near my breaking point, I make it a point to tell myself that it is for my benefit. And that’s how I manage to get through it.

Human tendency dictates that people will always want more. Be it money, fame, food, riches, sex, luxury, success, whatever. Everyone always wants more. So why not with this? Why not push yourself to the limit and see what happens? You never know, the results might shock you and will 100%, just like for myself, make you want more.

The want to extrapolate my results makes me go back for more. The want to achieve greater levels and break the plateaus I reach ensures that I have to be disciplined. This is a lifestyle. Trust me on this, I’ve led quite a few different kinds of lifestyles till now, and being fit and healthy isn’t just a fad or a trend, it is a way of life. To those who are constantly working on themselves, hats off and I hope you keep pushing yourself to greater heights.

To those who haven’t and are still contemplating, don’t think, just do it, it is never too late and it is totally worth it. If my Dad at 50 can start hitting the gym to improve himself, so can everyone else. All it takes is a little bit of willpower and self-realization.

I hope you commence working on yourself as soon as possible. Keep that grind going. Soon enough, you will reach a stage where there is no turning back.

Where you cannot fathom what it was like to be who you used to be. I’ve already reached that stage. There’s no going back for me. Only forward.

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