How I Decided To Be An Independent Artist

I was talking to my friend Karan back in October and the topic was regarding him releasing original music. Karan's been a music producer for a while now and his response was that it's not that easy.

Now I took that in a wrong way, in the sense, I figured he's just squirming out of it and giving me an excuse.

So I decided to try my hand at it and that I will do it myself and stick it to him that it is easy. I mean, how hard could it truly be?

Fast forward two months, I have Fruity Loops 11 open in front of me on my laptop. And if there's one thing I realized, it was that this music production thing is not easy.

I was so wrong about what Karan had told me. I had underestimated what he was saying and the sheer magnitude of effort you need to put in to understand music theory, master the software, understand song structure, equalization and sound selection was just the surface of it.

But instead of giving it up because I was finding it hard, I pushed on. One, because I was enjoying the process of creation. And second, I had to prove it to myself that I could actually release a track of my own.

So come January 2019 I was still trying my best to figure out how to work the damn software. By then I had stopped just reading off the internet and had started watching a host of YouTube tutorials.

I started following people like KBeazy, Simon Servida and KyleBeats on YouTube and honest to God, the information I have received has helped me immensely. I have understood how to work the Fruity Loops software so much better now.

Slowly and steadily I kept picking at the craft and getting better. I was officially hooked. I couldn't talk about anything else, couldn't dream about anything else, it had consumed my life. I barely even got out of my own house.

After a lot of practice and getting familiar with FL Studio, I released three beats on SoundCloud towards the end of March. These were the first three beats I made public, that I felt were up to a decent standard.

I've been a devout Russ fan ever since I heard Losin Control for the first time. I've always enjoyed his music and the vibe. And after doing some substantial research into the man I found out that he's completely independent. Like wow.

He handles every single aspect of the music creation process all by himself. He produces, mixes, masters, engineers, writes and sings on every song of his. Wow.

So when I came across this piece of information I started watching a few of his interviews on The Breakfast Club and Hood Rich Radio. And there he spoke about being an independent artist and the liberty it gives you.

All of that really spoke to me and made me realize that one can, in fact, do it all himself. And at the same time not be associated with any record label and also own 100% of his songs and masters. He spoke about how you do not need to a recording studio when you can set it up at your own house yourself.

If you think about it, it's a really great way to go about this entire process.

So that's what I went on and did. In April, I released my first song called Humanity on all streaming services after producing, mixing, mastering, writing and singing on it myself. It was a really satisfying moment for me because I was finally seeing things starting to come together.

From there onwards I decided that I will be releasing a ton of music. But soon during that creation process, I thought of releasing an album altogether instead of one song at a time.

That way I can build a steady base to go on releasing more songs.

I had decided early on itself that I'm not indulging in this because of clout or fame. I was doing this because I fell in love with creating music. And with the kind of person I am, who pursues what he loves, this was a no brainer.

I decided that this is going to be one of the projects I'll be working on throughout the year 2019. And as of now, I have a host of beats ready for the album, just the vocals and recording is left.

So that's that, I picked up a condenser microphone and am now ready to fire on all cylinders and get this album out to the world.

'Wake Up' releases soon.




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