5 Things My Life Has Taught Me So Far

It’s a process

I had found this question on Quora 4 months ago and I’d saved it in hope that I’ll one day find the proper answer.

'What has your life taught you so far?’

In my 11th and 12th grade, I was forced to take science as my specialization by my parents because it would “keep my options open.” Physics, Chemistry, Math to be specific.

And I loathed it. Right from the offset of 11th grade. I learnt a lot, yes, but I hated it. I gained new perspectives, yes, but I hated it.

School ends, college begins. And like you'd think, I had no idea whatsoever as to what I'm supposed to do or which course to pursue. The only thing that was a certainty was that I have to go to college and pursue something.

I had three options, BBA, English or Psychology. And I made the bold move of choosing a commerce-related course for my graduation.

And I loathed it. Right from the offset of college. I learnt a lot, yes, but I hated it. I gained many new perspectives, yes, but I hated it.

So basically I did shit that didn't make me happy.

However, throughout my life, I did do quite a lot of stuff that made me happy and as excited as lil’ puppy.

I set up my own football club. I started a fitness brand alongside a dropshipping business. I started blogging and writing a book. I played football for various clubs. I got heavily invested in photography and I was slowly getting into vlogging as well.

But what did all of that teach me?

1. It taught me that the only fundamental rule that guides someone’s happiness is if he/she experiences and indulges in activities that bring out a sense of happiness inside them. You have to have fun. No matter what.

2. It taught me that life is a game of perspectives. If you have a number of perspectives, you’re able to analyse, gauge, critique situations and moments much better. It helps you understand so many different paths that can be tread and also serves the best choice on a platter. Like in vlogging, the more the content, the merrier, because you have so much more to choose from and you can filter and find the perfect shot.

3. It taught me that you are going to do many things that you hate. And that’s okay really. You have to remember that knowledge is power. And wherever the knowledge comes from or whatever it is, just be open to understanding it and storing it in your head because you never know when it might help you out. And there is no harm in knowing more than the rest. So that’s a win-win.

4. It taught me that life isn’t going to be easy. It’s hard. Hell, I’m just 20 and already well shaken by what life throws at you. But that isn’t going to stop me really. It’s okay being hit or pushed down. It’s just fine. It’s all part of the process of growing up. You fall, you pick yourself up and go again because in all honesty, what other choice do you have?

‘Suffer now and live the rest of your life, a champion' - Muhammad Ali

5. It taught me that making mistakes is a must. Everyone makes mistakes. But there's a catch to how you deal with it. If you just say that you're not going to repeat the same and avoid it at all costs, you're essentially not learning from your mistake. You're running away from why it happened in the first place.

Growth and change are the only two constants that one should be aware of. And this change shouldn't be daunting, change is a beautiful thing. Especially when you understand that the change is very much in YOUR hands.

It's okay really. Make mistakes, learn, grow, develop, help others do the same, do what you love and find what you truly seek, what your heart calls out for. Also, it is absolutely fine if this process seems slow.

And at the end of the day, do what makes you happy. And let no one or nobody question you. Fuck them. You are you. You are different. Your thoughts are different. Your mentality, body, every single thing is different. And that is the sole reason you have to be yourself. Because in this whole entire world, you are the only one like yourself.

So give yourself some credit and enjoy life as it comes. Go with the flow, it is called a flow for a reason.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”- Steve Jobs

Let it take you where it's going because remember, your gut somehow knows what it's doing. Trust yourself and do what YOU love.


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