Football has been my numero uno for years now. I've played at numerous places, set-up, managed my own club and have had set-up, my own coaching classes. Having a ton of experience, an analytical mind along with the love to express my views. Here is everything football.


Being fit is a lifestyle and one that I have adopted years ago. From founding a small fitness brand called WeekInWeakOut to understanding biomechanics, here I document everything I know and have experienced with regards to the being fit lifestyle.


I started my journey as a music producer named T¥₹!Ω₦ in November 2018 and gradually, turned into an independent artist releasing my first track on all streaming services in March '19. Following Russ's footsteps, I produce, mix, master, engineer, write and sing on all my beats, hence making it 100% original. I love the process and here, I document everything regarding this journey.

Book Reviews

The knowledge I have incurred from books has been essential in helping me grow as an independent individual. I love reading and have always wanted to review books. So here's my attempt at doing another thing I love.


Over time I have learnt that growth is the fundamental basis of living. Growth extends to every part of your life and being the kind of person who values becoming a better version of yourself, I'm glad to be on a journey of growth and creativity. Here, I document my struggles and triumphs in terms of developing as a better human being. Experiences overlap, so I'm sure you could relate to some of this.

Feel Free to get in touch

I've had the opportunity to help people, some close and some whom I've never interacted with before, who have needed someone to talk to, to express their feelings, to have someone offer them a different perspective. And doing just that felt really great. And I personally feel that we as humans should lend a helping hand to people in some way or the other. Because at the end of the day, we all are humans, we're the same race. If we don't help each other, who will?